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Thread: Screen stuck displaying garbage 5 minutes after install

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    Unhappy Screen stuck displaying garbage 5 minutes after install

    Hi all,

    Brand new to Ubuntu.

    I was hoping I could get some help.

    I just installed Ubuntu on a new machine.

    After 5 minutes of browsing around, the screen suddenly turned into this garbage (see attached image). It is stuck like this after restarting too.

    I rebooted from the usb install disk (live CD on USB stick) and everything looks lovely from there so it is not a hardware issue.

    Right before the screen suddenly turned to garbage, I was part way through installing proprietary drivers but don't think any of them had even finished downloading.

    I am using
    Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
    Intel Atom D2700 CPU
    Intel NM10 chipset
    Intel GM3650 GPU

    I might just re-install but am afraid it will just happen again right away.

    Is there a way of changing the graphics settings to something very basic from the command line by editing a file, since I have access to the file system via my live CD/USB version of Ubuntu? If I even new which files these were I could copy over them from the live CD/USB installation.

    Any help/suggestions greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Screen stuck displaying garbage 5 minutes after install

    Hi, If everything looks good when you boot the live CD and this mess you
    have when you attempted to load some drivers, I wold most likely is
    the drivers you were loading that caused it. What drivers were you loading??
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