I upgraded my Ubuntu from 11.10 to 12.04
I had both Ubuntu and Xp on the same Hdd.

After upgrade every thing went fine till i one day boot in to Xp.
After reaching Grub menu i selected Xp but the computer could not boot, since then every time i restarted the computer it could not boot. Even grub menu was not being displayed.

I used a live cd to reinstall grub and it was back to normal till i tried to boot in to Xp. and that problem started again. This time i installed Mint on another partition and i could boot in to Mint and Ubuntu but when i tried to boot in to Xp again there was the same problem.

It seems everytime i boot in to Xp the grub gets currupt or deleted. What can be done to solve this problem ? This problem started only after upgrading to 12.04.