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Thread: Could not execute (tab_of_website) "papers" area select.

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    Question Could not execute (tab_of_website) "papers" area select.

    Hello, everyone. So, I have this error. I have uploaded a website into a virtual machine. The site is made with php and html.
    It works except one very important tab. This certain tab is showing a list of papers. For the sake of it, I have constructed a mysql database in order to store all the rows of the papers, and for the ability of a user to browse, read or download those books on several formats.

    This procedure is being automated by phpmyadmin with the assist of ready sql tables that require a simple input so it can be done very quickly.

    Sql is being use only on this tab and the problem is that I cannot get this tab to work. It is called papers and I get an error 'Could not execute papers area select'.
    The rows on mysql database are succesfully being shown.

    I have a deadline on this, so I will need a little help.

    I am working on a virtual machine through vmware vSphere (though id does not matter) using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server edition(and I have installed ubuntu-desktop), apache 2.2.2, php 5.3.10, mySql server version 5.5.32 and phpmyadmin of course.
    I have restarted (succesfully) apache2 and mysql.

    Need help. Thanks in advance.
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