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Thread: Help with .jnlp - Natty Narwahl

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    Help with .jnlp - Natty Narwahl

    Hi, complete novice here...pardon my stupidity!

    I have Ubuntu Linux 11.04, Natty Narwahl, and am trying to use a Website that runs a .jnlp file. A few weeks ago, it worked fine, but for the last couple weeks I've had this happen:

    In Firefox: dialogue box - unknown error, try saving the file to disk. If I download the file and try to open with Iced Tea Java 6, nothing happens.
    In Chromium: the file downloads but again will not open (it used to run automatically)

    I've not tried running it in Terminal because I don't know the appropriate commands.

    I have openjdk6 installed and I've not added/removed any Java plug-ins since the problem started. I did update Firefox recently, but I'm assuming that's irrelevant as the problem is also happening in Chromium.

    Can anybody offer any advice? Thanks!

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    Re: Help with .jnlp - Natty Narwahl

    right click on the internet ink and "copy link location"

    then in a terminal:

    javaws  (paste link address here)
    it should give some error message so we can know what is happening.

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    Re: Help with .jnlp - Natty Narwahl

    Thanks for your reply. Terminal showed java as not installed, but the software centre showed the opposite. I tried installing Oracle7 and everything is now working fine, so I guess there is a problem with openjdk.


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