i've been dual-booting win7 and ubuntu for quite some time, but i recently wiped Win7 off my HDD and installed ubuntu 12.04, loving it so far!

i had a few questions about encryption and backups. i'm running 12.04 64-bit and i've encrypted my home folder at installation.

1) when i login, my login password decrypts all my files. from here, i can copy files to flash drives (for use on another computer) and they will be unencrypted, correct?

2) from what i understand, the home folder is actually empty, and /home/.ecryptfs actually holds all my encrypted files. when i login, the OS thinks that everything is in /home, but it's really not. is this correct? is the below link correct?
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3) if i wanted to backup my /home folder, what would be the best way? i was thinking about using rsync to an external HDD. if i'm logged in while i do this, are my files stored in an unencrypted format?
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4) this is probably a stupid question, but i have my dropbox folder in /home/$user/dropbox. are my files there encrypted? from what i understand, they are encrypted on my HDD (in the event my laptop is lost/stolen) but not on dropbox, because dropbox never sees them in the encrypted format, right?

thanks in advance, i appreciate any help!