Hi all. I've got three questions, all probably quite simple. I'm on Ubuntu 12.04, and booting from a USB Pendrive I created.

• When I create a Pendrive on a USB stick, is the amount of memory on the USB similar to the RAM on a computer? Because if the OS is running from the drive that's the only short term memory it has? Therefore, running it off of a 16GB drive would be far smoother than a 2GB one?

• When I click the shutdown options in the top right drop-down corner, it brings me back to the login screen, but it doesn't shut down. I still have to hold the power button to override.

• I installed Ubuntu on an SD Card using exactly the same method, and tried to load it in the SD card slot on my laptop. However, it doesn't work. It just loads Windows. What different does it make in the SD slot as opposed to the USB drive? Surely it still counts as a removable device on the bios? I'd rather just keep an SD in the computer than a USB drive. Any help?