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Thread: [UX31] Elantech touchpad multitouch stops working for no reason

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    [UX31] Elantech touchpad (clickpad) taps stop working for no reason


    I'm using the UX31 with the latest Ubuntu (12.10) and my elantech touchpad's multitouch supports seems to break after some unidentified event. I'm not going to sleep, just using the laptop and then, bam scrolling with two fingers no longer works, also mid/right click by finger tapping also.

    I don't know what is causing this, it was happening in 12.04 as well, just less often. Now it's very frequent (and very annoying).

    What can cause this? Where can I report it?

    Anyone else experience this?


    EDIT: I just found out that one finger taps are not recognized either, making the matter not only about multitouch. It's not about finger detection because the clickpad is able to detect 1-2-3 fingers just fine when I click.
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