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Thread: Mythbuntu 12.04 - audio in myth fine - no desktop audio

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    Mythbuntu 12.04 - audio in myth fine - no desktop audio

    I'm posting this for my future self (to help me remember what to do). Maybe it will help someone else:

    Installed Mythbuntu 12.04 on a system with NVidia GT240 or there abouts.

    Myth now has a cool audio setup that worked slick but it talks straight to the alsa device you select. I forgot to set a system default device. Tried to play a movie in the browser. Ack! Kids cheezed. No audio. Panic time. How does alsa work again?

    aplay -L
    Shows all the possible devices.

    I know I had picked one that worked in myth. Popped in and saw it was something about CARD=NVIDIA_1, DEV=1.

    The aplay -L list had this entry:

        HDA NVidia, HDMI 0
        HDMI Audio Output
    That must be it. So did:

    speaker-test -c 2 -D hdmi:CARD=NVidia_1,DEV=1
    Since my Samsung TV is 2 channel audio (YMMV) and got the nice audio test noise. It worked. So:

    cd /etc
    sudo nano asound.conf
    Then made typed this:

    pcm.!default {
    type plug
    slave.pcm "hdmi:CARD=NVidia_1,DEV=1"
    Saved the file. I can't figure out how to restart the sound subsystem. Seems to not matter. Cool.

    Did a speaker test with the default device:

    speaker-test -c 2
    It worked.

    Desktop audio restored. Party on.

    Future Dewey, dang your brain is turning to mush. Hopefully this will help you.

    Present Dewey

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    Re: Mythbuntu 12.04 - audio in myth fine - no desktop audio

    This process has typically worked for me as well but I had to deal with a new hitch when I upgraded to 12.04. There is a great generalized guide linked here: Not that what you've shared is wrong or lacking, just that (as the guide reveals) there are a variety of potential pitfalls with audio configuration and other folks may have different problems.

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    Re: Mythbuntu 12.04 - audio in myth fine - no desktop audio

    Great link. Thanks!

    You are right. What I posted is not comprehensive. I posted it as a future note to myself on this hardware.

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