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Thread: 5.1 sound supporting video editor for Linux? AVCHD

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    5.1 sound supporting video editor for Linux? AVCHD

    I need to edit some birthday videos, and need to use 5.1 sounds, all editors I have tried downmix it to stereo. Kdelive recognizes 6 channel audio, but output is stereo.

    Does anybody know that kind of video editor to Linux? I am actually using Mint 13 (I think it is based on Ubuntu 12.04), reason I am asking here is that same programs work for both, but in this forum there are more people.

    Anyway, I can not get Cinelerra work properly (at least not yet) and it is sooo complicated. IT supports 5.1 audio in preview also (as far a I know)

    Since I am using 1080 50i AVCHD files (60minutes of video), I open files (camera splits files in to 2.1 gig files) in openshot, join them and output to progressive format. This is quite easy and picture quality is good. (Not sure if progressive or interlaced is better here).

    I will be making multichannel dvd for now and couple of years later a Bluray Disk.

    Next I have to add 5 channels of audio (no subwoofer needed).

    I am not that far yet.

    Multichannelaudio can be done In Audacity, there is no 5.1 preview (only stereo), but it can output to 5.1 audiofile. Then I must join audio and video. I bet there will be syncing problems.

    Joining the audio and video I could possibly use Avidemux, not sure.

    This is SO complicated to do in Linux that I have looked in some windows programs to use with Wine. No luck there yet.

    All audio tracks are wav 48000khz and video is 1080p 25fps.

    All audio tracks are separate tracks. Videos contain audio also, but I propably will use separate tracks and dump the originals.

    Cinelerra can not open the original Sony AVCHD mts-files, but these I process through openshot it opens. But audio tracks are silent. I do not know how to add audio tracks to existing video track, looking in to it.

    So, any help for 5.1 format editing in Linux?
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    Re: 5.1 sound supporting video editor for Linux? AVCHD

    I did it!

    Cinellerra would have been able to do all of this, IF it would have worked way it is supposed to.

    Used Winff to convert AVCHD --> Avi

    I used Openshot for video editing (crappy unstable program), took 2 days for 1 hour of video because it kept crashing and was slow as hell in the end.

    Used Audacity to make the 5.0 audio track compeletely, it can save to Dolby Digital *.ac3 -format straight, BUT it can only play in stereo. And 5.0, because I had no LFE (bass) channel.

    Used Avidemux (GUI-program) to put audio and video together.

    Used DeVeDe to convert to DVD-iso, there is setting "Create DVD with 5.1 channel sound" and "This file already has AC3 sound (copy audio data instead of recompress it)" tick both of these boxes or you'll get stereo audio.

    To make audio sync correctly, I took the audio track of the Openshot's finished video track (stereo) and put it as sync-track to Audacity, so I could listen that all tracks are in sync. Not hard at all.

    Remember to use 48000Hz sampling rate for audio (box in Audacity lower left corner), or all DVD-players will not play it. Also use interlaced video and AC3 audio bitrate should be 448 kb/s

    What I have learned from this is that Linux is not at the moment a very good operating system for 5.1 editing, kind of thinking Apple is the only good tool for that.


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