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Thread: 12.04 LTS Sound Issues

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    12.04 LTS Sound Issues

    I picked up a Lenovo T60 laptop with the new Ubuntu pre loaded about two weeks ago, and after struggling with this issue a bit I've finally decided to post here in the forum. On a fresh restart of the system the sound always works just fine, but after a few minutes - how long actually varies wildly - the sound will get really distorted and scratchy. Once the distortion starts it persists throughout every program running sound - Rhythmbox, Firefox, even the system sounds will be distorted. Like I said, once I restart the system it will work just fine once again, but I'd really like to get it to just work. Somebody please help!!

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    Re: 12.04 LTS Sound Issues

    You may wish to first look through this article:

    However, there are also bug reports for the T60:

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