I have an HP Pavillion that I passed some years ago under Ubuntu. Since then, I had several kernel upgrades, some of which went bad (because of Nvidia driver for ASUS screen). Recently, all was going well with the Lucid release.
I decided to try to follow again the regular updates in spite of the previous history of bad news. The kernel was updated recently to 2.6.32-42.
Now, the Logitech webcam does not give its sound from the integrated microphone. The webcam is indeed seen as a USB device, recognized, the video is OK. Using the sound volume controller, I can see that the microphone analog input is OK (volume meter shows sound level variations), but when I switch the input to the webcam, nothing is moving.
I read in some threads that it could be linked to some installation script that cause the user not to be part of the "audio" group but I don't know whether this is the root cause or not and, if yes, how to fix it.
It looks like Logitech drivers were previously pin-pointed too as faulty during version evolution...
So, can someone help?
To answer in advance to some questions:
- no, I don't want to get a newer version (e.g. Maverick 11.10) since I got a major issue when not keeping an LTS.
- no, I don't want to switch to 1204: the latest flavor of Ubuntu GUI is not convincing me at all, least to say.
- yes the same is true with the just previous version of kernel (2.6.32-41).