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Thread: unattended pxe installation?

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    unattended pxe installation?

    Hi guys,
    Has anyone set up a server with pxe for distributing ubuntu installation over the network?

    I'm also interested in if there is a simple way do do this in an unattended mode, like choosing language, keyboard, disk/ no user attention is required!

    What do I need to accomplish this? Anyone sitting on a good guide?
    I understand this involves DNS/DHCP.

    I'm from the Windows world,
    - ftornell -

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    Re: unattended pxe installation?

    Have a look at FAI
    ClassicMenu Indicator - classic GNOME menu for Unity
    Unsettings - configuration program for the Unity
    Privacy Indicator - easily switch privacy settings in Unity
    Arronax - create and modify app starters


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