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Thread: Wicd in Kubuntu

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    Wicd in Kubuntu

    Hello to all.

    I recently installed Kubuntu 12.04 on my Dell Latitude E6420.

    I'm new to KDE and have what many will no doubt think is a newbie question.

    I need to connect my laptop in a university setting. The university wants us to use use its "secure" wireless network, one based upon WPA/WPA2 Enteprise and PEAP.

    I have connected many Win 7 and Macs to the secure network, but the same configuration does not work on Kubuntu. I suspect PEAP is the culprit.

    Wicd seems to offer a wide range of PEAP-related configuration options. I'd like to test it on Kubuntu but I'm so new to KDE that I don't know either how to install it (what's a plasmoid?) or what to remove to ensure the Wicd doesn't conflict with the network managed bundled in the distro. I'd be very grateful for related guidance.

    Many thanks,


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    Re: Wicd in Kubuntu

    Yes, wicd works better and is more reliable than the KDE network manager. And it's better to uninstall the later. I'm not sure how I did it but I remember it took a few tries. Check what is installed with something like this:
    sudo aptitude search net | grep manag
    i   network-manager                 - network management framework (daemon and u
    p   network-manager-kde             - transitional package for plasma-widget-net
    i   plasma-widget-networkmanagement - Network Management widget for KDE Plasma w
    And carefully remove what may (!) not be necessary.

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