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Thread: Comprehensive Sound Problem Solutions Guide

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    Re: Comprehensive Sound Problem Solutions Guide


    Here is the best I can remember about my set-up
    (More details later if you need them.):
    Did the usual
    1. Updated BIOS
    2. Blacklisted snd- & cs46xx
    3. Pasted in the 600e alsa-base settings
    4. Added the snd-cs4236 line to /etc/modules
    5. Sunt down, started w/F1 held. Disabled quick boot did not initialize\
    6. Went to this thread did steps 1-4 and the ALSA drivers from a *fresh* kernel.
    7. Still had no sound. Check alsamixer ok - no sound changed sound settings from autodetect to alsa got low sound.
    8. Since I had some sound (better than nothing) I went to see if I could get video working. Went to Comprehensive Multimedia & Video How-to
    and did all the steps in parts one and two. After completion the sound was normal and video played (except for high speed stuff like You Tube).

    Hope this helps,

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    Re: Comprehensive Sound Problem Solutions Guide

    Hey first of all.. that was a wonderful guide. I followed every step of it... thanks everyone for all the help.

    Second.. it did not help.

    I am running Gutsy on amd 64x2 with integrated sound. The sound has worked fine since installing Gutsy around 6 months ago.. no problems at all.

    Today it does not work.. YET.. when I get to the log in screen I hear a little Ubuntu drum playing.. It seems to only not work when I get to gnome.

    I believe this may devolve onto a permissions issue. Yesterday I was trying to add my typical user to a new group and somehow screwed everything up.. Had to recover sudo privileges for that user in recovery mode.

    So.. I was happy when.. after reinstalling the alsa drivers.. someone mentioned how to reset the user to the sound group. I did this in /etc/group.



    So... I am thinking maybe something else ? maybe it has to do with some other permissions issue?

    I noticed that the /etc/group file was all but empty in terms of who belongs to what group.... Perhaps someone can post a /etc/group file from a clean install of Gutsy for me to compare with?

    Can anyone think of anything else.

    thanks a lot for reading this far.

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    Re: Comprehensive Sound Problem Solutions Guide

    Help. Help help help help help. Help.

    I moved from 8.04 to 7.10 to avoid problems and now I've walked straight back into another bloody problem. No sound. First it was CRAP sound, now NO sound.


    I did everything I did normally in 8.04 (which was specified in full in this tutorial) in 7.10 and it does not work..

    Now, even after reentering sudo modprobe snd-emuk10k1, when I do
    cat /proc/asound/modules

    I get
    0 snd_via82xx

    When it used to be
    0 snd-emuk10k1x
    1 snd-via82xx

    I don't even know why that via82xx is there, I don't want to use my ONBOARD sound.

    I've kept purging alsa and whatever and it does nothing.

    Sound is tinny with onboard (via82xx), I want my emu10k1 back.

    NOTE: When emu10k1 driver was installed, from experience in hardy some channels needed to be muted to get good sound, otherwise there would be heaps of distortion. I tried the same things and unmuted only the channels I needed and BAM, still distortion, still crap sound. Now emu10k1 is not even an option, it's early in the morning and I just want my damn sound to work so I can sleep.

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    Re: Comprehensive Sound Problem Solutions Guide

    thank you guys a lot, this guide solved my no sound issue. 2 weeks ago i installed ubuntu and had sound but then on a different hard drive installed kubuntu to see the differences between kde and gnome and kubuntu didn't have sound. for some reason the PCM and Front channel's were turned all the way down in alsamixer. its good to know that the video's and music were actually playing but i just couldn't hear it even with my speakers turned all the way up

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    Re: Comprehensive Sound Problem Solutions Guide

    It does help Fritz, thanks. I'm slowly getting an understanding of what I should be doing, and learning it the hard way.

    I didn't grasp that the 600e soundcard is incorrectly detected as a CS4610 when it is really a CS4236. No wonder OSS didn't work, it doesn't support the CS4236. I'm annoyed that I didn't realise this before I did the OSS changes, now I've got to work out how to change it back to ALSA. Bugger.
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    Re: Comprehensive Sound Problem Solutions Guide

    for the first time in my experience with linux (3 years) does the sound work.
    Some great mystery it is. oh boy.

    I never had virus on my linux machines. Nor did I have sound. Now ubuntu 8.04 has sound. after I followed these instructions.

    I had sound initially. Then I tried virtualbox installation and after that somehow sound disappeared.

    Now I installed all those alsa source packages and ran the module assistant at described.

    Now finally the sound recorder works.

    Have to try out the audio grabber and such software.

    fc6 is a bit of a lame duck. None of these applications works except for skype which worked after I fiddled with krec application.

    Have no idea what is happening really.

    God is great. not software

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    Re: Lenovo 3000 N200 (Model 0769) sound problem

    Quote Originally Posted by Sky.akash View Post

    I'm having a problem with the sound on my Lenovo 3000 N200 notebook. I was running Gutsy previously and now I have Hardy installed (dual boot with Vista).

    There is absolutely no sound and after I followed the instructions on this thread and rebooted I am getting a loud sharp piecing sound from the speakers. This happened on both Gutsy and Hardy.

    Strangely that solution works for other people with the same notebook.

    Anyone know how to fix this?

    I've still not been able to solve the above.

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    Re: Comprehensive Sound Problem Solutions Guide

    Some of your information is outdated: is a directory. There is no drop-down box. There is a single link to Couldn't figure out where the drivers are stored. They should be in my distribution anyway.

    $ sudo update-modules

    ************************************************** **********************
    * The update-modules command is deprecated and should not be used!
    ************************************************** ***

    I am trying to solve a complete loss of sound caused by upgrading from Ubuntu 7.10 to 8.04. Some of the commands you listed were useful, though.

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    Re: Comprehensive Sound Problem Solutions Guide

    Updated scripts for ALSA 1.0.17-rc1 HDA-Intel
    (The scripts can easily be modified to work with other drivers).
    What would happen if your hard disk died right now?

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    Re: Comprehensive Sound Problem Solutions Guide

    OMG . . . 100 (ONE HUNDRED) pages! Wow!

    Okay... 101. lol.

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