Hi Guys, hoping someone can help me with this one because its doing my head in.

For the past week or so my internet connection has been freezing for about 30seconds to a minute every so often.

A ping request running in the background right now shows no errors trying to get out, it just doesn't do anything while the network is frozen (I've been running a ping to google since I started the PC and in 385 ping requests it's frozen 8 times.

This computer is fine when using windows :S

Things I've tried:
  • A full reinstall (with a seperate /home that was left unformatted)
  • Updating driver to use r8168 instead of r8169 (i've had no issue with this drive since 12.04)
  • Leaving PC on for hours and then running a ping command. (no difference)

What Information should I be giving you guys?

P.S the only thing that has changed since this was work is I put in another 8gb of ram (now 16gb total) and I put an LED light strip into my case