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Thread: Firefox - mouse wheel click acting differently?

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    Firefox - mouse wheel click acting differently?

    Anyone else notice some odd behavior with the wheel click in Firefox?

    I've been using the mouse wheel click in Firefox forever. I'm pretty sure this problem arose with the latest updates because I got a bunch of updates yesterday and today's the first day I've seen this.

    Wheel-clicks from a web page open a new tab, just like always.

    But wheel-clicking on a Bookmark replaces the active tab with the Bookmark instead of opening a new tab. To get a bookmark to open without overriding an existing tab I gotta open a new tab first, then left, right, or wheel click the Bookmark. All 3 actions do the same thing.

    I swapped the Logitech M305 wireless mouse for an old wired Dell mouse. The Dell mouse does the same thing, so this looks like a new problem in Firefox? Firefox Help sez it's Firefox 15.0.

    EDIT: Wheel-clicking a tab makes it go away, just like always. So it appears to me that the behavior is only altered when I'm in Bookmarks. Outside of the Bookmarks wheel-clicking seems to work as expected.
    Wheel-clicking the Home icon opens a new tab, so that's working like normal too.
    Wheel-clicking a Bookmark in Chrome behaves as expected. So it's not the mouse.
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