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Thread: ISO Images

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    ISO Images


    Downloaded the Desktop ISO 13.04 and going to install as guest under VMware on Mac and VMware on Windows. The MAC cannot recognize the DVD of the burned ISO image. It does not matter if I burned it on Windows or on the Mac. What's strange is no matter where I burned the image, Mac or Windows the Windows system CAN recognize the DVD just fine.

    I have tried DVD-R and DVD+R and different brands of media. I have downloaded the image on Windows and on the Mac. I have also tried your 12.04 ISO with the same results.

    To test if it was the Mac, I downloaded a Fedora 18 image and a RHEL6 image and burned the ISO images on the Mac with same DVD burning settings as before and same DVD media the Mac sees both DVD's just fine.

    Any idea what may be different about the Ubuntu images to make them unrecognizable by a Mac? Generally the Mac can see any disk burned on Windows or Mac, but not this Ubuntu image.




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    Re: ISO Images

    Well, I can't say about your burned disk as I haven't burned an Ubuntu ISO for almost 2 years now.
    Anyway, if you are just going to use it on VMware as a virtual machine, isn't there an option to use the ISO itself as a booth media for the VM? In VirtualBox, I just have to mount the ISO file on the CD drive of the virtual machine I created then boot he machine.


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