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Thread: USB2 runs slow at USB1 speed

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    USB2 runs slow at USB1 speed

    On those rare occasions when I have to transfer large files via USB, I have noticed that the transfer rate is slow.

    I didn't notice it until a bunch of images which took me an hour to transfer onto a usb memory stick where transferred onto my friends Windows XP notebook in about ten minutes.

    It wasn't a problem until I had to move 61GB of backup to a fresh external disk. It took well over three hours.

    Web searches yield various 'fixes' (relating to different symptoms) involving changing the parameters which go to the kernel at boot time and/or editing system files.

    My bug/symptom exists in Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS.

    I have three questions:
    1. Does anyone have the definitive answer on this?
    2. Is USB2 fully working in 12.04 LTS ?
    3. Does 12.04 LTS correctly handle USB3 ?

    Given that this is a long-standing and, apparently, unfixed bug, it would be good to get a thread going that finally gets to the bottom of this one.

    It's one of those really annoying 'But Windows works fine' bugs.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: USB2 runs slow at USB1 speed

    I haven't had any problems with USB 2.0 in Kubuntu 12.04.1 I believe the bug has been fixed as far as USB 3.0 goes I don't know I don't have any USB 3.0 ports.
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    Re: USB2 runs slow at USB1 speed

    Thank you, Epodx64

    I've now upgraded to 12.04, and I am getting full speed on USB2.

    No USB3 hardware yet...

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