G'day - I tinkered with LXDE last night but came back to KDE, however I think I've broken something! See this picture ... :

for proof of what I now get on my KDE desktop (I moved the left edge of the KDE bar to the right so you can see the LXDE bar beneath). Both bars work fine (though I can't launch anything from the LXDE one because there's no menu widget there).

So how did I get here? I did a 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure kde' thinking that would point everything back appropriately to kde and rebooted.

I've since done an 'apt-get remove lxde' and even an 'apt-get purge lxdm' with reboots in between but what you see above is what I'm left with.

Curiously the konsole session doesn't show on the KDE bar (but that might be perfectly correct for all I know - I didn't start konsole from the LXDE bar because it has no menu button to click but I note the 'snapshot' app shows on both. Hmm).

Anyone got any clues / hints as to what I need to do to *just* have KDM / KDE running? I'm obviously happy to supply other info e.g. 'ps' listings (no obvious 'lxd' entries if I grep against a 'ps -fe' though).

Many thanks in advance