Hey guys i wanted your guys expert knowledge and advice on this dilemma. I was looking at a new laptop that i will be installing ubuntu on of course. what i was looking at what system 76's Pangolin Performance model with 8gb ram, and 750 hybrid hdd with the 8gb ssd as well as the bluetooth combo upgrade. all these upgrades brings the price to $893. Then i was also looking at a similar configuration through Xotic PC. The reason i was looking through them is i am able to upgrade the laptops to have simiilar configurations. I was looking at the Asus K55A-DB51. I am upgrading the ram to 8gb, putting in a 60 gb SSD as well as a second 500GB HDD and the bluetooth combo as well. the system 76 and the Asus both have a 3rd gen i5-3210M CPU as well as the same intel HD 4000 graphics card. The ASUS comes out to $894 with all the upgrades. So they are probably as close in comparison as one can get accept for the HDD's. I just wanted to get your guy's opinions?