I have Windows XP Pro running in a headless virtualbox on Ubuntu 12.04. This virtual machine is accessible via rdp from my office LAN ( at

At home, my network is On this network I have Slackware(10?) box. I have a vpn established between (server) and (client) and am able to ssh from client to server.

I would like to RDP connect from a third machine(,winxp) on my home network to the headless virtualbox ( on my office network using the<-> vpn connection.

I understand that I could make a vpn client connection from and accomplish this but I don't want to do it that way. I set up the<-> vpn connection for the purpose of making rsync backups. This connection will be left up all of the time. Besides, there are several other nodes on the side that I might want to rdp into the virtual machine from.

Can anyone direct me to a simple way to accomplishing this routing and have it come up automatically after reboot?

Thanks in advance.