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Thread: Gtk::Scale mouse click issue

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    Gtk::Scale mouse click issue


    Gtk::Scale has settings that allow moving the slider by
    1) page increment
    2) step increment
    3) dragging it

    However, I need to make its slide jump to the location where a mouse click occurred, like in video and audio players, and none of the 3 solutions above works this way.

    Listening to mouse events to adjust the value (the slider) manually - doesn't work, for some reason Gtk::Scale only reports double clicks.

    Any solutions or workarounds?

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    Re: Gtk::Scale mouse click issue

    I found that in Ubuntu 12.10 beta1 this issue is solved - the slider jumps to the location of the mouse click by default. I also googled & found a few bug reports on this issue marked as solved for Ubuntu 12.10, so I'll prolly move to 12.10 when beta 2 comes out.


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