Hello. I have been attempting to install 12.04.1 using the "alternate" iso from a USB stick, however, it fails each time at the "load installer components" stage saying a "file could not be loaded from the CD". If an "integrity check" is performed, it says each time that "./pool/main/l/linux/storage-core-modules-3.2.0-29-generic-pae-di_3.2.0-29.46_i386" is missing or corrupt.
I have already:
- Downloaded the ISO several times.
- Verified md5sum of each downloaded ISO.
- Tried different USB sticks.
- Used both unetbootin from a Linux distro, and LinuxLive USB Creator from Windows to prepare the USB sticks.

I recall installing a 12.04 alternate ISO this way, from a USB stick, without any problems in the past.

Is there a problem with the 12.04.1 alternate ISO? Or is there a particular problem when it is used off a USB stick? Or can this error be circumvented?

Thank you.