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Thread: Omnikey 3121 problems ?

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    Post Omnikey 3121 problems ?

    Hi Guys

    i have installed ubuntu 10.04.4 server on pc with Omnikey 3121 for

    card server

    when i installed omnikey i followed these steps

    sudo apt-get install opensc pcscd libccid
    apt-get install libpcsclite-dev
    apt-get install pcscd
    apt-get install pcsc-tools

    when i do pcsc_scan it shows it has been installed ok and shows all the info

    but i am having some issues

    omnikey can read the card ok and works fine for little while

    but sometimes and that happened many times recently

    omnikey crashes or cant read the card for somereason and i have to restart the server to make omnikey reads the card again it

    has frustrated me recently.!

    i dont know why and what could be the reason ?

    another question is ubuntu 10.04.4 server stable enough ?

    or what do you recommend guys the most stable server version ?

    any help will appreciated.!
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    Re: Omnikey 3121 problems ?

    any help will appreciated.!


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