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Thread: ZTE ax226 dongle not responding

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    ZTE ax226 dongle not responding

    Really sorry if this is in the worng forum but I dont know where else to go. Im a banglalion wimax user with their ZTE ax226 usb donge (says product ID: wixubb-116X238BD on the box) and been trying to get it to work on linux for some time (tried mint9 and 13 and pangolin which I'm on now) by following these insstructions

    Think I accidentally put in a wrong p id on the device (with the beceem diagnostic tool) and now it wont even work in XP. The win connection manager cant find it and I get the generic dialog box for an unkown device, though it does say "usb device wixubb116X238Bd not installed" in XP. The diagnostic tool cant find the device either so I'm stuck using my cellphone for internet now Really apreciate any help and orry again if this is the wrong place.

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    Re: ZTE ax226 dongle not responding

    can you type

    in a terminal and copy and paste back here what you get

    also copy this into a terminal

    dmesg | grep tty
    .............the | is actually shift-\

    and tell us what you get


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