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Thread: uStudio 12.04 64 bit on Lenovo L420

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    Re: uStudio 12.04 64 bit on Lenovo L420

    Hello, I've not progressed any further, and it's been a while since I've booted to Linux. Tonight after work I'll do that and see where it stands.

    To answer your question, I've used Linux Mint 12 on it before, and if I remember correctly, it ran pretty well, but I didn't like how it did a few things, so I came back to Ubuntu.

    How would I go about disabling the power manager, and how would that affect things?
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    Re: uStudio 12.04 64 bit on Lenovo L420

    I mention the Power Manager because of this:
    While using the computer, I have had several instances in which the computer completely freezes up. No keyboard or mouse input, including trying to switch to a TTY session (ctrl shift F1-6). I haven't tried it recently, but I think one time it locked up, I tried to connect to it via SSH, and it wouldn't respond.

    I cannot put the computer to sleep. Or more accurately, I can put it to sleep, but upon trying to wake it up, the speakers pop and the system restarts.
    From what I've read/heard, laptops and the Power Manager have had issues. To see what the PM does go to:

    AppMenu > Settings > Settings Manager > Power Manager

    If you want to disable it, from where you are in Settings go to the Applications Autostart tab and uncheck the box for Power Manager. Then to try it without rebooting at first, go to the Session tab and quit the PM there.

    Because you're on a laptop, I'm guessing you'll want to be aware of your battery level, and that's what the PM will display for you, so obviously you'll lose that function while you try this.

    Again, not being guru enlightened or anything, that's just what I would try

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