I am using a barebones LXDE desktop, and I need some help configuring it for low vision use.

First of all, I want to set consistent large size fonts system-wide. It is my understanding that fontconfig can help me with this problem, but I cannot find a simple explanation of how to make all fonts large. I am also open up to suggestions for an easy to read default font.

I also am also looking for a good theme that provides both high contraast, good visibility of widgets, and has all-white text and all-black backgrounds. I like the High Contrast Inverse theme provide by Gnome-Accessibility-themes, but its blue background is too bright for my eyes and cannot be changed. I found a theme that accepts custom colors, but making everything white-on-black renders some widgets(most notably check-boxes and radio buttons) invisible.

I am currently using Firefox as my web Browser and have three problems related to my vision: 1, configuring Firefox's font settings to large print causes some font feilds to overlap. 2, I like to disable images to protect my eyes from bright colors, but replacing icons with text makes some pages hard to read and agravates problem 1. What I would like is an extension that would auto-hide thumbnails and full-sized images while displaying icons and allowing me to unhide/rehide images one at a time. 3, I have to view certain flash-based sites for school, but they over-ride my white text/black background text. A solution to these problems would be appreciated.

Also, I am not afraid of the command line, and would actually prefer command-line based solutions to my problems where appropriate.