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Thread: Is there a Unity analog to Edit Menu?

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    Re: Is there a Unity analog to Edit Menu?

    Quote Originally Posted by zombifier25 View Post
    Ah. Thanks for that.
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    Lightbulb Upgrade to 12.04 and Install Gnome Shell!

    Here is what I think solves the problem for good: don't use Unity, install Gnome Shell and keep using it just as you did before. The added bonus is that Unity is still there, you can pick it at login time again if you want.

    Note: I started the thread after an upgrade to 11.04, I am using 12.04 now. I think it pays to upgrade all the way up to the latest LTS version and then start messing with it. There are some minor issues still but I am glad I did not try to use 11.04 for too long and went for 12.04 instead.

    So, in 12.04 you do:

    sudo apt-get install gnome-shell
    sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool
    I ended up using the "Gnome without effects" option because my PC is rather old and slow and all the window interaction goodness was slowing it down significantly.
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    Re: Is there a Unity analog to Edit Menu?

    Thanks for these ideas too!

    I also wanted to mention, since I took the time to whine about Unity; that it's really not half bad - but I too, would like to see some type of drawers on the launcher. I could get used to Unity if it was a bit more flexible in terms of customization. A drawer and the ability to move it to the top/bottom would be a big benefit.

    Even if not a drawer, just some way to add more launchers to the main bar there would be ideal... but drawers would compliment it fantastically even if they started on the bottom and worked up.

    I really like how it handles the menus and such and the app search isn't bad at all; but I like a straight up menu too.

    Or something similar, I figure feedback's a good thing either way!
    Disclaimer: I'm still a bit of a Linux/Ubuntu noob myself!

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