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Thread: Your Perfect Distro?

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    Re: Your Perfect Distro?

    I mentioned elsewhere-

    I would like a "Distro" a group might put together as an alternative dvd installer- (LIVE-CD is not important to me, as i install in virtualbox and mess with something for a few days before ultimately installing) -that installed the base of Ubuntu first- then asked as Easy Install what DE you wanted, so it wouldn't, have anything you didn't want.
    OR Custom Install, which loaded as many DEs you wanted, as well as ultimately having control over the programs installed as extras.

    Major DEs i would like KDE GNOME UNITY Enlightenment XFCE LXDE.

    The extras would be things like Codecs, WINE, GiMP, FireFox and Chrome, Blender, VLC, Virtualbox, Amarok/JuK/banshee, Transmission Client, Skype, flash and java latest stables, hardware video drivers, network drivers.

    (All features of which the latest releases at the time of the build)

    I believe this would all fit on 1 DVDiso, without extra languages. There ought be a seperate iso, that just includes languages anyway.

    This is stretching it, but let me dream
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