Hello all,
First things first:
Ubuntu 12.04 (32-bit)
HP Pavilion dv4 with HP TrueVision HD webcam

Everything in Skype works great, except my video pickup. I have 2-way audio and can receive video, no problem. My video is simply not picking up.

When I go to Options -> Video, the test box looks fantastic. All the boxes for activating video automatically, etc. are checked. When I'm in this dialog, the LED by the webcam lights, and like I said, the test box looks great.

When I call someone and hit the "Video On" button, the LED does NOT light up and no video is captured or sent.

I have tried myriad fixes, v4l tweaks/preloads, removed/reinstalled, etc. all to no avail. Many have suggested going to Google Hangouts, but all my frequent contacts are set on Skype. It's so close to being flawless too, I hate to concede in that way.

Any ideas?

(I'm not an expert but am comfortable with in-depth terminal use and text editing.)