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Thread: GNOME-flavoured Ubuntu Spin Coming

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    Re: GNOME-flavoured Ubuntu Spin Coming

    When Unity first came out I downgraded back to 10.04 Lucid... eventually I skipped the first Unity release and tried the second release to feature Unity, which was pretty good. I have to admit it was less buggy, just really different... so I downgraded again and stayed with 10.04 until 12.04 Precise came out. So now Unity is what you'll get with Ubuntu, unless you want a re-spin, which is of course the beauty of GNU/Linux if the first place, everyone gets what they want, and they should. "You can't please everyone all of the time" as the saying goes and it's true. If a great distribution (Ubuntu) makes a spin for most every desktop environment out there everyone should be happy... except people don't seem to like someone else being happy with something they themselves don't like best.... weird, I know.
    When Unity first came out I didn't like the fact that Gnome made a great desktop environment, which Ubuntu used as their base, but then glazed over with their own environment... but that is what they did... however as I began using Unity, since 10.04 is older now and I had to move on, it grew on me, a lot. I have to say I really love it now. Would I like a gnome-panel based release? I said a year ago that I did... but I haven't... I still think that their should be a pure Gnome Ubuntu release... even if I wouldn't use it. Every thing for everyone. Some people won't be happy over it but that's okay.

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    Re: GNOME-flavoured Ubuntu Spin Coming

    I installed gnome-shell as a session and that's how I play around with Gnome 3. I still prefer Unity but it's nice to play around with.

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