Hi. I have a problem with Korganizer with kubuntu.

I want to add an event in a specific day (without a specific time) and to receive a text dialog popup for that event after login in kubuntu in that day, whatever the time of login. Activating the option "Takes the whole day" in the event edit preferences, and the options "Enable reminders" and "Start reminder Damon at Login" in the korganizer system tray does not work. Indeed, akonady seems to recognize correctly my calendar at startup since it is set to ready. Even adding a reminder to the event like "displaying a dialog 15 minutes before the event starts" does not solve the problem.

My version of korganizer is 4.8.4, while I use kubuntu 12.04. With kubuntu 10.04 the problem did not exist and korganizer worked perfectly.

Any suggestion?