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Thread: Help! Windows not booting on dualboot with precise

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    Re: Help! Windows not booting on dualboot with precise

    Current Windows 8 is just like Windows 7. It only boots BIOS/MBR or UEFI/gpt. It will be soon when we start seeing the vendors versions as those will only be UEFI and have the secure boot enabled in UEFI.

    I would think Microsoft would still sell Windows 8 as an upgrade to Windows 7 and all those computers do not have UEFI or those that do may not even be installed with UEFI mode. I doubt they will only offer it on secure boot systems, but we have yet to see.
    For more info on UEFI boot install & repair - Regularly Updated :
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    Re: Help! Windows not booting on dualboot with precise

    I installed Wubi using Windows 8 and it worked, I could boot to Ubuntu. But first it booted to Windows, then it asked me if I want to go with Ubuntu. When I clicked on Ubuntu it restarted the computer and booted to Ubuntu.

    Now I've created a repairCD using an another Windows PC. This one is running Windows 7, I hope that's not too bad.
    My computer can't be repaired automatically and I'm having issues sending inforamtion to Microsoft. If I want to do a syswtem recovery (it gives me an option and I have the recovery disc), it asks me for my username and password. There is only one (my) username. I select it and it wants my password. I am 120% sure I've never had a password on Windows.
    I know this isn't an Ubuntu problem anymore, but what can I do?
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    Re: Help! Windows not booting on dualboot with precise

    I'm unclear on your goal, and what problem you're describing after you installed Ubuntu Wubi. From what you describe, the Wubi install in Windows 8 was successful. What made you decide to try to create a repair CD, and what are you trying to repair?

    I would also suggest that using a Windows 7 recovery CD on a Windows 8 installation is not a good idea. While I don't know the exact specifics of how each is set up, what I've read so far suggests that Windows 8 and Windows 7 handle the boot process a bit differently, and I would guess that might be why the recovery CD you made is not working.

    You also should realize that Wubi is not the same as an independent installation of Ubuntu. Wubi is not quite a virtual machine, but also not quite a stand alone installation. You'll be running the OS stand alone, but using Windows to manage how the computer boots. So, if you're getting the Windows boot manager, and you can boot into either Windows or Ubuntu, then you've successfully created a Wubi install. In case you don't have it already, here are the instructions for creating a Wubi installation, which, while vague, may provide some useful information:

    Also, there is some detailed instructions from the ever excellent Psychocats tutorials:

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