Goal: to dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 (both 64-bit) from a single hard-drive with a Gigabyte ga-h77m-d3h Motherboard.

Problem: After installing Windows 7 and then Ubuntu from USB without error, the machine boots straight back to Windows - not showing any boot-loader.

The Ubuntu live USB continues to work.

I have tried wiping and installing a number of ways: the automatic 'install alongside windows' option as well as specifying the partitions manually.

Using EasyBCD did not work for me.

Perhaps is could be something to do with my 'BIOS'? The mobo came with '3D Bios - Dual UEFI'; I don't pretend to know much about UEFI but I've read that it can cause some issues when dual booting.

When I look at the boot order with the liveUSB inserted, there is a UEFI label with the device.

I don't know what to try next. There isn't any data on the computer, just the operating systems so I don't mind reinstalling (again) if I have to.

Any and all help is much appreciated!!