I have a 64-bit 12.04 Ubuntu installed with defaults onto a physical HDD (the OLD one). I have physically installed another physical HDD (the NEW one, which spins faster). Ubuntu recognizes it as being unformatted (which is expected).

I have a LiveUSB with 12.04.1 release which I want to install onto the NEW hdd and then make it the booting HDD. Then to avoid more network downloading, I MAY want to install some packages from the OLD /var/cache/apt/archives directory. Is this possible? If not, I can copy some of the deb packages which I know did not come from install image onto another usb.

Either way, how should I be installing Ubuntu onto the NEW hdd and how do I "delete" the OLD hdd of its OS. When I finish, I want the NEW hdd as the booting drive with the /home and the OLD hdd with a file system for holding backup file(s). I plan to use Ubuntu's backup system so I don't know if that is one big file or not, but it seems that I just need to specify a directory for backup via the GUI. I am okay with manually copying what I already have in /home, because this is a relatively new system.