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Thread: Disk utility- Smart Data- Run self test result in crash.

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    Disk utility- Smart Data- Run self test result in crash.

    Hi, the problem concerns Ubuntu 12.04.(64bit)
    Edit: It's a clean install.
    Every time I use Disk utility Smart Data to check disks with Self run test, it crashes.

    Is this a common problem? And if so, is there a workaround?

    I have use of this very often, since there often occurs problems with disks here at work... and then I always check if there is bad sectors, and if so, how many...

    Only once in awhile when it crashes, it comes up the crash report where I'm being questioned if I want to report the crash. I do send the report every time, in hope of someone noticing it and applying a fix.

    It works fine on this computer (my home pc. also with 12.04)... So I don't have the error report here, but I can post that one tomorrow...

    I wanted to post this now, if someone may know about the problem...

    Thanks In Advance!
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    Re: Disk utility- Smart Data- Run self test result in crash.

    It's been happening to me. It started when I tried to get virtualbox to work, and I updated the kernel, the virtualbox program etc. I see that you did a clean install, so this doesn't explain it. I've noticed in my case the program doesn't actually crash, just the window does. If I open disk utility again, after giving it time to complete the SMART check, it doesn't close. wtf?? If I boot from a Ubuntu install disk, and run the check from that, nothing crashes. I am still a noob with Ubuntu, but with other OSs I know more about. Strange things going on . .

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