I just got a Fujifilm REAL 3D W3 camera. It takes two images and stores them in an MPO file. The software that comes with it is of course Windoze and it refuses to run under WINE or under VirtualBox.

I have tried Bino 3d as well as plascolin, but I could not get neither to compile under Ubuntu 10.04. Bino is available as a repository, but that is an older version that does not support MPO files. I also tried with gimp, but while it will load an MPO file, it only loads the left image.

I can use mposplit, combined with gimp and the stereo-anaglyph script I believe, but that is a lot of trouble to go through for each image!

I need one program that can take an MPO image file, allow you to view the two images as an anaglyph stereo image and/or convert it into a standard 2d image.