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Thread: modeling nitinol???

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    Question modeling nitinol???


    I'm new in this forum and I've a problem that i can't resolve.

    I need to model nitinol in Abaqus: I've read the documentation (Search for answer ID
    1658 UMAT and VUMAT routines for the elastic-plastic simulation of Nitinol
    4699 Abaqus/CAE plug-in utility to calibrate Nitinol material behavior)
    and many topic in Internet but I don't understand if I must use a VUMAT subrutine or it is sufficent the tool of user defined material in Abaqus/CAE. I need something simple like an elastoplatic behaviour with hysteresis given by the different states of austenite and martensite.

    please help me
    best regard

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    Re: modeling nitinol???

    This is probably your best bet to getting the correct information and script.

    Good luck!
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