I also had the Optia AF and although at one time it did work with linux (couple years ago) something in Video4Linux (V4L) changed and it is no longer possible to get it working. After a couple months of on again off again research I concluded that the Optia AF is NOT UVC compliant.

So doing a little more research I found that its much less aggrevation to just go out and buy a new webcam.

All of the following are UVC compliant webcams.

I found that the Logitech HD Pro C910 ($79-$99) works very well with Ubuntu and it is 1080p capable but you should have a good CPU, enough memory etc to process it at that rate or just drop back to 720p. The C910 has a 15 megapixel camera

NOTE 1: there is a Logitech HD Pro C920 out **BUT** I found many people reporting it was unstable with linux (Fedora or Ubuntu) so I would avoid that model. People also reported its video was not nearly as good as the older Logitech HD Pro C910.

So does the Logitech C310 ($45) which is also HD but 720p and has a 5 megapixel camera.

I settled on the C615 ($65) which is also 1080p or 720p HD and has a 8 megapixel camera.

I came home, plugged Logitech C615 and immediately it was recognized by Ubuntu 12.04 and worked.

So far I have used the following programs with it flawlessly:
  1. camorama (sudo apt-get install camorama)
  2. guvcview (sudo apt-get install guvcview)
  3. skype (sudo apt-get install skype)

NOTE 2: to use your webcam Microphone remember to click the speaker icon on the top right of your desktop and then click INPUT and change the Microphone Input to your webcam

I am so glad I stopped screwing around trying to get that older Optia AF webcam to work as it was just a waste of time.

This Logitech C615's picture is just awesome.