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Thread: Hard Drive Enclosure Suggestions?

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    Hard Drive Enclosure Suggestions?

    I figured this was a better place than "Hardware and Laptops", since it's not really support, just looking for suggestions.

    Basically, I'm looking for a quality 3.5" IDE hard drive enclosure that won't break the bank (around $30 or less, preferably; feel free to suggest something more expensive if you feel it's worth the price). I know this is cheap, but I just want to find the best deal I can instead of just buying any old piece of junk.
    I'm asking here because many enclosures I find have mixed reactions, so I feel a little bit more comfortable getting some info from here.

    Suggestions, anyone?

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    Re: Hard Drive Enclosure Suggestions?

    I have this one from Accomdata. It will use both IDE & SATA drives. It is, however, only USB2 but the speed is still not bad.

    Here is another style though I have no experience with this model.

    I do have a 2.5" VanTec USB 2.0 enclosure which works well. I bought one no-name $5.00 2.5" USB enclosure that was advertized as USB 2. It connected at 12 MB/sec. e.g. USB 1.1. So i would not advise being TOO thrifty.

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    Re: Hard Drive Enclosure Suggestions?

    Go on ebay. You can get 2 for the retail price some places ask for. The one i bought for an old laptop drive for around $5 from 2-3 years ago still works great.
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