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Thread: HPT DC7280 driver compile issues

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    HPT DC7280 driver compile issues

    I'm building a file server using Ubuntu Server 12.04 x64, with a Highpoint DC7280 RAID controller handling the data drives. (The OS drive is on the motherboard's SATA controller.)

    The only Linux driver Highpoint offers on their site for the controller is source code, so after installing build-essential I unpacked the driver and ran make. The compile process didn't even get started, though, before issuing an error message.
    ../../../inc/linux/Makefile.def:85: *** Only kernel 2.4/2.6 is supported but you use 2.2.  Stop.
    The machine is currently running kernel 3.2.0-29-generic. I'm guessing the makefile is only looking at the minor version number and assuming that it has 2.2, rather than 3.2.

    I consider myself an intermediate C/C++ programmer, but I've never dealt with writing drivers or anything at the kernel level. So I ask you, forums: What do I have to change to compile a 2.6 driver under kernel 3.2?

    EDIT: The driver package in question is available at
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    Re: HPT DC7280 driver compile issues

    After looking at the makefile more closely, I found I was able to fake it out by explicitly using make KERNEL_VER=2.6. It seems to compile fine, except for one warning.
      MODPOST 1 modules
    WARNING: could not find /home/user/highpoint/dc7280-linux-src-v1.0/product/dc7280/linuxla/.build/.him_dc7280.o.cmd for /home/user/highpoint/dc7280-linux-src-v1.0/product/dc7280/linuxla/.build/him_dc7280.o
      LD [M]  /home/user/highpoint/dc7280-linux-src-v1.0/product/dc7280/linuxla/.build/dc7280.ko
    Running sudo make install KERNEL_VER=2.6 after this doesn't result in anything unusual, and sudo modprobe dc7280 likewise issues no errors, so I'm guessing the warning at the compile stage isn't serious. I'd like a second opinion on that, though.


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