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Thread: CME UF-5/6/7/8. Midi keyboards and transport buttons

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    CME UF-5/6/7/8. Midi keyboards and transport buttons

    Hi everyone)
    I have CME UF5 midi keyboard. Can someone tell how can I configure it in Alsa and does it have this capabilities?
    Or who have keyboards from UF5/UF6(and etc.) family can you share your experiences with this product under Linux (problems, solutions)

    Now I have 2 problems:
    1. The transport buttons (only Rec) doesn't work in DAW(Wine+WineAsio+Cockos Reaper).
    Question: Is there somebody who have some midi keyboard with transport buttons like M-audio Oxygen. Did you get this buttons to work properly?
    2. When I press some transport button or change GM controller value(like Cutoff CC#74, Resonance CC#71, Attack, Release, Pan, Reverb, Chorus, Tempo) the keyboard starts to send MIDI timing clock messages that interfere with other CC when I use LEARN function in DAW. Manual for CME UF5 tolds that MIDI timing clock(MTC) messages sends when ONLY transport buttons and Tempo controller are touched. Is it have some way to ignore MTC messages with ALSA?

    Sorry for English, it's not my native language, and thanks for the further help.
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    Re: CME UF-5/6/7/8. Midi keyboards and transport buttons


    I also am trying to get my CME UF5 working with Ubuntu (3.2.0-36-generic)

    Unfortunately I only have problems, not solutions at this stage!

    I have been reading other posts and trying to make it work through JACK. However the USB keyboard does not appear in qJACKctl under the ALSA tab (where it should appear).

    When I plug the keyboard in via USB it does not even appear to be detected by the system (it does not seem to show up in lsusb).

    It sounds like you have had some success getting your system to recognise the UF5.

    Any hints?



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