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Thread: Fullscreen Youtube in Firefox Crashing

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    Re: Fullscreen Youtube in Firefox Crashing

    Nope....It still happens occasionally. There have been several flash and firefox updates since I posted in this thread and while I'll admit they've helped (it crashes less), it still happens sometimes....

    The only work around I've found is to switch to another workspace, kill plugin-container using system monitor, and then reload the page. That doesn't guarantee the same video won't crash flash again though...Does anyone having this problem have a dedicated ATI video card? I have a dedicated Nvidia card and the nvidia drivers might have a part to play in this problem as well.. Canadian Web Design and Hosting

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    Re: Fullscreen Youtube in Firefox Crashing

    i have the same problem using an ati radeon card on my hp pavilion g7 every since i upgrade with a fresh live-install to ubuntu 13.04.

    over some time i now figured out that the error is not dependent on the video quality i use for watching on youtube. when the screen freezes, i can navigate out of the plugin-container with alt+tab. firefox shows a 'unresponsive script' (javascript?) error box that always pops up right at the moment the video freezes.

    can anyone help me with this? on quantal everything worked just fine, out of the box! so i suppose it's some really tiny thing that causes this.
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