Hi all,

I created an ad-hoc connection between my netbook Samsung ( N150 with an Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N450 @ 1.66GHz (32 bit), 1 GB RAM and an Intel GMA graphic processor as graphic card) with lxde running (ubuntu12.04) and my desktop (Intel Q9550, 8Gb RAM, nvidia g-force) with gnome-ubuntu 12.04 using a usb wireless adapter ID 0ace:1215 ZyDAS ZD1211B 802.11g.

I connect the desktop as client on the netbook with a wep 128-bit passphrase encryption. The netbook takes the internet connection from the integrated SIM reader (mobile broad band) while the wireless is used only to connect it with the desktop.

The problem is that sometimes the transfer of files or the simple ssh connection between the two computers freezes; while it's frozen, the internet connection on the desktop sometimes continues to work, sometimes freezes too.

Any ideas?