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Thread: Dash icons don't react to clicks on 12.04's Unity

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    Unhappy Dash icons don't react to clicks on 12.04's Unity

    Hi there,

    I've upgraded my system to 12.04 and started using Unity, first without problems (except getting used to the new usability).

    But then, my dash icons, the icons that come up when you go to the left side of the screen, stopped reacting to clicks! You click on them and nothing happens.
    The only workaround is right-clicking on the icons and entering the context menu "bubble" where it says "open a new window" or "<name of program>" - the context menu commands seems to kick the starter in the butt and work. Strange...

    Is this a bug??

    This behaviour is mainly right after launch, after a few minutes, when the system's activity has settled, the launcher icons do react.
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