I'm trying to set up wine on ubuntu 12.04 ppc, on a 300MHz Beige Power Mac G3, to use some old windows games (Pentium 1 and 2). I read, after googling for several hours, that you can actually do it even if you work under ppc, although using qemu as a layer to translate from ppc to x86 linux. I've downloaded qemu using apt-get, followed the intructions in their user manual (I had to download the glibc and other components by myself, I couldn't find the files at qemu's page) but when it comes to test if it works I always receive a -1 error. All tutorials and forum threads I've found in google are 2 years old at best, and most sugest you use an alternative aplication (wine HAS to work, that's not optional, and I don't mind the low performance I could get) or their methods simply don't work with my machine/OS. Does anybody have an idea how to get this working?. Also, if anyone knows how to get flash working with qemu, I would like to know how.