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Thread: Samba Write Performance Poor. Need Expert Help.

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    Re: Samba Write Performance Poor. Need Expert Help.

    Quote Originally Posted by redmk2 View Post
    I have both 32 bit and 64 bit Ubuntu running Samba with no problems. Some are P3 with 512MB RAM with no speed problems.

    There are 2 things that I find crucial. First is disk I/O. What file system are you using on your HDD's? Using NTFS on Ubuntu hosts can cause I/O problems. All of my Ubuntu machines use ext4.

    The second is using the best NIC driver. I have not had any problems with this, but others have. What chip set on the second machines NIC more common than the first NIC?
    Both machines are using SATA drives formatted to EXT4. The new server has a pair of 7200 rpm 500Gb drives (only 1 is used) whilst the Core2 P4 has a 5400 rpm 160Gb drive.
    The new server has a 1Gb intel chipset NIC whilst the Core2 (HP Compaq 7700) has an Intel based 1Gb NIC (not sure which right now).

    I was leaning a little towards the NIC in the new server being faulty or having 'bad' drivers but, every test I have run seems to be fine.

    I will download the latest drivers for the Intel chipset later on and, install them in the morning.
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