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Thread: mailutils reads ~/Maildir writes to ~/mbox (in Maildir format)

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    mailutils reads ~/Maildir writes to ~/mbox (in Maildir format)

    I've searched around for hours now on how to solve this problem. The best answer I've seen so far indicates that maybe mailutils can't do what I want? That user switched to something he called "legacy mailx" ?

    I'm very new to ubuntu.

    I have ubuuntu 11.10 with:
    mailutils/oneiric uptodate 1:2.2+dfsg1-3

    I setup the pam.d settings according to this link:

    My $MAIL outputs: /home/-user-/Maildir

    Dovecot and Postfix both work fine. But if I use "mail" to read the mail it moves the message from ~/Maildir to ~/mbox - mbox in this case is a directory with the same structure as the Maildir directory (not a flat file containing all the emails).

    Does that make sense? It's as if mailutils knows that I want to use the Maildir format but somehow has the wrong directory name to write/save read mails - despite knowing where to get the unread mails.

    Thanks for reading.


    mailutils.rc reads as follows:
    mailbox {
    mailbox-pattern "maildir:///home/${user}/Maildir";
    mailbox-type "maildir";
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