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To avoid frontend startup before the backend actually runs, you can configure the frontend to wake up the backend. That will make the frontend wait instead of showing you the setup dialog. But it won't solve your blue screen issue.
Would you please elaborate on this procedure? I'm trying to help my friend with a similar issue on his laptop. He is running Mythbuntu 12.04, I believe. He uses this laptop to watch DVD's when he is away from home. When watching a DVD, after a few minutes, the screen will go blue and sound continues playing. I believe it may be related to a message at startup, when his laptop is not connected to the network, that it cannot connect to master backend server. It has both frontend and backend installed. I tried changing from DHCP to static IP and input all the correct network configuration manually (subnet, DNS, gateway) as was suggested in another thread, but did not help. It seems to play a DVD fine when connected to the network, but has the blue screen issue when he is away from home and has no network connection.