Hi there, and thank you for looking at my post. I have many programs on my Ubuntu 12 machine that use text, LibreOffice, Scribus, etc. Each of those works quite well. In GIMP 2.8, the entire program works fine for my from what I can tell with the exception of the text tool. I can select the tool, enter text, I can bold, underline it, I can change to color, as well as the fint size. GIMP will crash however each and every time I try to change the font, be it on the floating text dock (above the text window on the canvas) or the Text toolbar on the left had side of the screen (single window mode). I get no drop down selection box, I merely click in either area, a short freeze of the program and the program quits. Any suggestions, or any error report I can send/paste? I am relatively new to bu reporting in Ubuntu, so would need step by step instructions of necessary documentation etc.